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As one of the most promising actors in Hollywood today, it’s no wonder that people are curious about Austin Butler’s net worth. In this article, we will delve into the details of his earnings, assets, and investments to give you a comprehensive breakdown of the actor’s wealth.

Early Life and Career

Name:Austin Butler
Date of Birth:August 17, 1991
Place of Birth:Anaheim, California, United States
Occupation:Actor, Singer
Years Active:2005-present
Notable Works:“The Carrie Diaries,” “Arrow,” “Elvis”
Net Worth:$4 million (as of 2023)
Primary Source of Income:Acting
Salary per Episode (Estimated):$30,000
Properties:Luxurious home in Studio City, California
Cars:Tesla Model S, Vintage Volkswagen Beetle
Charitable Work:Supported Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Make-A-Wish Foundation; participated in the “All In Challenge” for COVID-19 relief efforts

Austin Butler was born on August 17, 1991, in Anaheim, California. He started his acting career at a young age and made his first television appearance in the Nickelodeon series “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide” in 2005.

Butler’s breakthrough role came in 2011 when he landed the lead role in the MTV series “Death Valley.” He continued to gain recognition for his performances in shows like “The Carrie Diaries” and “Arrow.”

In 2019, Butler was cast as Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrmann’s biopic film “Elvis.” The role was a game-changer for his career, and he received critical acclaim for his portrayal of the iconic musician.

Earnings and Salary

Austin Butler’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. His primary source of income is his acting career, but he has also made money through brand endorsements and sponsorships

Butler’s salary per episode for “The Carrie Diaries” was reportedly $30,000, and he appeared in a total of 26 episodes. His salary for “Arrow” has not been disclosed, but it is believed to be in a similar range.

Butler’s earnings from “Elvis” have not been revealed, but it is safe to assume that he earned a considerable amount for the role of the legendary singer.

Assets and Investments

In addition to his earnings, Austin Butler has also invested in several properties over the years. In 2017, he purchased a luxurious home in Studio City, California, for $1.9 million. The property features four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a private pool.

Butler also has an impressive car collection, which includes a black Tesla Model S and a vintage Volkswagen Beetle.

Charitable Work

Austin Butler is not only a talented actor but also a philanthropist. He has supported several charities and causes over the years, including the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

In 2020, Butler also raised awareness and funds for COVID-19 relief efforts through the “All In Challenge.” He donated a private tour of the “Elvis” set and a meet-and-greet with the cast to the cause.

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From his early days in television to his breakout role in “Elvis,” Austin Butler has come a long way in his career. His net worth is a testament to his hard work and dedication to his craft, and his investments in properties and cars show that he is also smart with his money.

As Austin Butler continues to make waves in Hollywood, we can expect his net worth to grow even more. He is a talent to watch out for, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the future.


Who is Austin Butler?

Austin Butler is an American actor and singer, known for his roles in both television and film.

What are some of the notable projects Austin Butler has been a part of?

Some of the notable projects Austin Butler has been a part of include the television series “The Carrie Diaries,” “The Shannara Chronicles,” and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”

When was Austin Butler born?

Austin Butler was born on August 17, 1991.

Has Austin Butler won any awards for his acting work?

Austin Butler has been nominated for a number of awards for his acting work, including a Young Artist Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Is Austin Butler involved in any upcoming projects?

Yes, Austin Butler is set to play the role of Elvis Presley in an upcoming biopic directed by Baz Luhrmann, which is currently in production.

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