After Gal Gadot, Zachary Levi also fired from DC studios


As we know, many changes have been seen in DC Universe recently, for a few weeks, the reason for many erruptive changes in the studios has also been its controversies which are consistently occurring due to the shared point of view of actor/actress on James Gunn. The most popular name who hit badly due to controversies is Wonder Woman’s character as we know Wonder Woman which is a character in DC Studios and in DC Comics it has been removed from the upcoming story line . This character was portrayed by Gal Gadot but as the character removed from the storyline . She has also been fired from the job and this decision was taken by the present boss of DC Studios James Gunn . Many Characters has been dumped as James Gann and Peter Safran Take Over DC Studios . According to the James Gunn’s statement ” This is a evolution period for DCU ” but fans are getting more furious from the decision making of James Gunn . Even he was not stopped till wonder woman recently, he had fired Henry Cavill aka Superman . So don’t know the intention behind the decision of James Gunn, whether all these decisions are being taken by him because of mutual enmity or there is some big vison he had in his mind behind all these decisions, for which he is beginning to work from today

Zachary Levi faced the consequence of his controversial tweet

According to the latest statement from James Gunn, he said that he also wants to show Zachary Levi the way out of DC Studios and replace him with Chris Pratt, who will play the upcoming role of Shazam, the reason behind the dramatic replacement in the role for Shazam, For terms of reason, Gunn didn’t tell any reason clearly, but kept turning things around, but according to sources, the real reason for this is that recently Zachary Levi had passed a controversial comment on Pfizer, due to which James Gunn probably felt very bad and he gave Zachary Levi Showed the way out, it is to be understood that Shazam : The Fury of Gods is going to be released recently ,This movie will be a sequel of Shazam movie in 2019, which will soon be seen in theatres, but the question is whether any changes will be made in the movie after the replacement of Zachary Levi or Zachary Levi will be seen for last time in the costume of Shazam

Vision of James Gunn behind mass firing

James Gunn planning to reboot all the characters of DC studios and want to do the casting again, he believes that due to the casting of DC Characters, many of its movies and projects proved to be flops on the box office. Giving the example of Black Adam James Gunn comment, that maybe if we had done good casting in it, then maybe this movie could have been a super duper hit, but because of our carelessness, this movie had to flop, even the movie itself the budget was also unable to retained . Fans and their hopes suffered a huge blow, after seeing this, That’s why James Gunn decided that he would reboot all the Characters of DC studios

Chris Pratt will be the new ‘Shazam’ ?

So maybe the reboot of DC characters has started. After the replacement of Zachary Levi, people believe that Chris Pratt is going to replace the Zachary Levi for the role of Shazam. Well, James Gunn didn’t comment the actor takes place of Zachary Levi But their is high probability that Chris Pratt who is a star in MCU will intervene in the role of Shazam, all the fans of DC and MCU studios are feeling that maybe this time Zachary Levi is going to be replaced by Chris Pratt as we know Chris Pratt has earned a lot of name in MCU studios as well. He has taken the role of Quill, which can also be called a funny role, which he has played very well, and perhaps this time he is going to get the responsibility of the role of Shazam which is also similar to the Quill’s role, if this happens, he will be the first and only actor who act in both MCU and DC studios no actor in past has worked together for both MCU and DC studios


James Gunn have decided that he will reboot DC characters but it is probably impossible for him to get the replacement of all characters in DC, for example as it is impossible to get the replacement of Gal Gadot aka Wonder Women, because the way she played the role of Wonder Women, maybe someone was able to do that and the same was with Zachary Levi, he was also a very good actor, who is not a matter of replacement , because the talent in him is full of codification, but Chris Pratt may be the perfect option for replacement of him as he had played the identical role in Marvel Studios

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